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Travel Baler Philippines

Baler accommodations: Luxury, Mid-range, Budget

Baler has been a go-to place for wave riders, and the coolest spots to stay consists of luxury hotels and Instagram-worthy accommodations. If you are not sure where to stay, here are three places worth checking out:

Luxury: Costa Pacifica Baler Location: Sabang Beach Price per

Travel Bali Indonesia

7 incredible things I did in Bali

There are a lot of adventurous things to do in Bali - from temple hopping, sunset beach parties to food trips and yoga retreats. Check out the fun things I did in the 'island of the gods' during my 5-day trip. :)

7. Visited Tanah Lot Temple Tanah Lot is one of the most unique temples

Travel Bali Indonesia

5 best outlet shops in Bali

If you are looking for the perfect beach attire, surf gear or casual wear, then you definitely must go to Bali's famous factory outlets. In Bali, you can shop for Roxy, Rip Curl, Billabong and Top Shop stuff at a very cheap price! Here's a list of the factory outlets in Kuta area that you should

Travel Bali Indonesia

Where to stay in Bali: Hotel vs. Villa vs. Homestay

The task of finding the perfect accommodation for a holiday vacation can be quite stressful but no need to worry, because Bali offers a vast array of luxurious hotels, private villas and hospitable homestays. Here's a rundown on the pros and cons of these three types of accommodations to help you

Travel Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Hangover Tour

If you’re still hungover from the hit Hollywood movie “The Hangover Part II”, then head over to Bangkok and experience the uber crazy and epic night firsthand. Be part of the “Wolf Pack” and explore Bangkok’s one of a kind nightlife with the Bangkok Hangover Tour.

Food Manila Philippines

Epilogue PH: A new chapter in Japanese-European cuisine

 fusion food (ˈfjuːʒən fuːd) noun "the food which is made using a style of cooking which combines traditional Western techniques and ingredients with those used in Eastern cuisine.", Collins English Dictionary

Conveniently located at S' Maison mall, Epilogue

Food Travel Macau

Conquer Macau in 14 hours

Macau is a living testament to the saying “East meets West.” It has the flashy and lively vibes of China blended with the charming remnants of its Portuguese influences. If you are in Hong Kong and have a day to spare, squeeze in a trip to Macau on your itinerary and be mesmerized by this quaint

Food Travel Taipei Taiwan

A dozen reasons to love Taipei

If you enjoyed Tokyo’s Shibuya, Malaysia’s Petronas Towers or Korea’s Gyeongbokgung Palace, then you’ll definitely love Taipei! With Taiwan’s recent visa policy becoming more lenient to Filipinos paired with local airlines offering more cheap fares to Taipei, this underrated city is fast becoming a

Travel Philippines

Lessons from Kuya Pipay: Baler Surfing 101

This is Kuya Pipay – electrical lineman on the weekdays and surf instructor on the weekends. What I thought would be a typical surfing lesson turned out to be a great learning experience because of this super cool surf coach! I wasn’t expecting much from my surfing lessons in Baler since a lot of

Travel Philippines

18 photos that will make you want to visit Batanes

Whenever I'm stressed, all I have to do is to take a deep breath, close my eyes and picture myself back in Batanes. Just the thought of being in this place gives me an unexplainable feeling of serenity. Batanes is synonymous to paradise. Let me show you why. :) Come to the northmost island in


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18 photos that will make you want to visit Batanes


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